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Power and Duties of OETC

The Office of the Electronic Transactions Commission (OETC) is considered the public sector under Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, founded since August 16, 2011. Subject to the Ministerial Regulations to Separation of the Public Sector under Office of the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (No.2) B.E.2553, power and duties of the Commission’s Office as follows:

  1. Suggesting on policies and arranging plans to support and promote electronic transactions.
  2. Studying and analyzing to improve and develop the laws, rules, regulations relating to electronic transactions.
  3. Formulating requirements, methods, or standards in respect of electronic transactions for the security and credibility of electronic transactions in consistence with international standards.
  4. Creating requirements and methods relating to registration as well as requests for service businesses of electronic transactions and supervising the assigned service businesses relating to electronic transactions.
  5. Suggesting the measures and solutions to problems which impact the credibility of electronic transactions
  6. Promoting and supporting or establishing the infrastructure of information technology necessary for electronic transactions.
  7. Supporting adoption of information and communication technology for electronic transactions.
  8. Counseling, suggesting, and disseminating knowledge relating to electronic transactions.
  9. Serving as a secretary to the Electronic Transactions Commission, including Sub-commission and related steering committee.
  10. Coordinating with agencies or international organizations relating to electronic transactions.
  11. Cooperating with or supporting the operations of agencies related or designated.

Updated : 09 September 2015